Customer Support provides smart customer support.
Every question, email received goes directly to the right department and person.
Help your customers at a fast rate with the best professional service possible.
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One central point

Lower the boundary to your customers. Give them one central point or email on your site where they can ask all their questions. We distribute all these questions and target them intelligently to the right department/person.  
Keep trackof all your communication towards a customer and automatically connect these with your CRM application. 

Get a well-organized and structured mailbox and start saving time.

Intelligent insights

Get more insights in how you handle emails. Learn more about which type of emails you receive and how fast you can handle these. 

Predict when a customer can expect an answer on average depending on your workload.  Monitor and optimize your customer support with the most important key performance indicators.

Fast and intuitive

Our software automatically learns what kind of emails you receive and who can answer these emails. No more forwarding to the right person, manual work and lost emails in the customer support process.

Well integrated

Our software solution integrates with all existing email software and CRM, even your own custom solution. This way there is no set-up cost needed.

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