Boost your support with AI

Automate your customer service by letting a custom AI solve common cases. Tag, prioritize
and route all incoming tickets. Higher productivity at a lower cost.

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Powerful Support

Deliver a far better customer experience towards customers with less resources. Stop doing manual tasks and make your customer support scalable. By integrating with your CRM software, we use a custom trained AI to automatically route tickets to the correct customer agent.

Topic detection
Sentiment detection
Language detection


Using SalesForce and lack of labels to deliver the best service? Scale and streamline your support by automatically tagging cases in Salesforce with their language and right topic allowing to automate your Salesforce to the next level!

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Boost HubSpot service to the next level: include language, topic and intent labels for your tickets enabling to route and solve cases with lower response times.

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Use language, topic and sentiment for Zendesk tickets to route your tickets more efficiently. Link common tickets to previous answers and deliver service outside hours by connecting blogs to your tickets. Start boosting Zendesk with AI.

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Smart email routing is possible! Dispatch, prioritize and tag every email with the right topic and language, allowing you to filter and dispatch through your mailbox much better! Start saving by automating your inbox.

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Connect every possible system with smart language and topic detection. The sky is the limit. Connect now flexibly with our AI core!

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Custom Integration

Need something else? Using other tools? We are here for you! Give us a ping to see how fast we can connect with your favourite CRM and get started with smart ticket dispatching.

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Your own CRM

Choose your platform

No set-up cost for your employees. We integrate with the tools you already use, allowing you to transition from static to smart ticket routing seamlessly.

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First Line Support


Resolve repetitive tickets using your data and past traffic. Deliver support outside business hours and optimise self-service. Enable agents to focus on the most important issues.

Reduce Backlog
Lower Average Response Time
Lower Cost per Ticket

Second Line Support

Tag tickets with the right topic, urgency, language and sentiment. Prioritize and route to the right agent. Start specialising, lowering costs and create happy customers.

Faster Response


Observe and improve your performance. Discover new patterns, update self -service and create new blogs. Start delivering the best service and maximize the Return On Investment (ROI).

Happy Agents
Satisfied Customers
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Are you ready to transform your
customer support?

Faster Service

A custom AI is trained for your company, taking into account past data, current routing behavior and context. Specialize agents, resolve FAQ automatically and start scaling.

Lower Cost per Ticket

Have a lot of recurring questions with a similar answer? Start handling these automatically. Enable agents to focus on more complicated issues.


Need to prioritize based on topics? It’s now possible: filter and prioritize the most important ones and give your customer a faster response when needed!

Monitor, Improve & Analyze

Get a lot more insights in how you are currently handling your emails and tickets. A lot of insights in your routing can be found on our dashboards.

Detect Files

Need to dispatch based on files? Detect the types of files and allow to predict, prioritise and route files enabling to scale and streamline your support.

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Faster Ticket Handling

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