October 27, 2022

5 tips for building an ai ticketing system.

Wouter Janssen
CEO & Co-Founder

Looking to start implementing an ai based ticket system to automate ticket dispatching in your company? Here we share 5 tips that we also share with our customers in helping them make the buying decision.


Start by identifying your top customer service issues by volume.

Do you have any current insights into which topics your customer support mostly handles? This is needed to see where the most gains can be made. Maybe it’s possible to already offload your support team by 30% with just 2 topics. We advise you to start with these.


Review the issues and group them based on whether they:

  • Need a human
  • Can be fully automated
  • Both

If a topic has a recurrent question that deserves a standard answer then you can fully automate this issue. This improves the ROI of your automation process a lot.


If fully automated, determine if AI could create a better experience than the one currently provided by a human.

This is often the case as AI is good at automating repetitive tasks. Handling the same task over and over is not the most valuable time spent by a customer agent. By automating these tasks there is more time for the agents to spend meaningful time with the client.


Prioritize issues that can be fully automated

If an issue has a consistent answer it pays off to fully automate this one as, in the future, these issues won’t be needing (much) human assistance. If an issue needs to reach a customer agent this is the most expensive way to deliver customer support.


Triage the remaining tickets to the right agent

Not all customer issues can be fully automated away, more complex questions still need to be handled by customer agents. By assigning the ticket directly to the right agent, much time can be saved as this is 1) costly 2) not scalable and 3) often a bottleneck

Interested in a more personal approach to how this could apply to your company? Feel free to reach out and talk with one of our AI experts on how to get started.

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