November 3, 2022

Automatic ticket routing in Zendesk

Tiebe Parmentier
CTO & Co-Founder

Ticket routing is a crucial part of any customer support system. Here’s the why and how you can improve it.

Ticket what?

First of all: what is ticket routing?

In the customer support world, ticket routing is the process of assigning the ticket to the right person or department. Not everyone speaks the same language or knows the same about the product. That’s why it’s important to make sure an issue ends up with someone who can handle it well.

Ticket dispatching is typically done manually. For Zendesk: all tickets end up in one big inbox, are then tagged manually, and are assigned to someone based on some criteria.

This process takes a lot of time and slows down response time which makes it costly for a business. Automated ticket routing makes this a problem of the past.

Why ticket routing?

Good ticket routing makes it possible to deliver faster and better customer support. Two ingredients for good customer support are speed and accuracy. By assigning automatically to the right agent your business is possible of delivering even better support.

Automatic ticket routing means also less manual work involved which is costly for companies. By automating this process businesses can deliver top-notch customer support at lower costs.

Why AI

AI is changing the game in how we deliver customer support. AI is especially good at automating repetitive tasks where ticket routing is an example. Doing it automatically makes it much more scalable while also making it less time-consuming.

Using machine learning algorithms makes it possible for every incoming ticket in Zendesk to be tagged and categorized with language, sentiment, and topic. Making sure the right tickets are delivered to the right person all the time.

How does this work in zendesk?

Our solution is plug and play with Zendesk and adds the following fields to it:

  • Language
  • Sentiment
  • Topic
Zendesk with extended fields: topic, language, and sentiment

These fields can then be used to set up workflows and use the skill-based routing of Zendesk in a much more intelligent manner. These models are fine-tuned for your company specific, allowing you to have the most accurate topics that fit your company the best.

Our plug-and-play solution for zendesk works with you instead of you working with the software. It does not even feel like AI but just zendesk - but smarter.

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