March 19, 2023

How we are using GPT to improve our internal processes and workflow


A sequence story about being efficient and how we at automate our internal processes with GPT...

15/03/2023 - Introducing, slackGPT

We really believe in 10x productivity and that a team of 5 can do the work of 50!

Let's present our internal bot: slackGPT. It's build upon the works of GPT 3.5. It currently lives in our slack to improve our internal processes.
It's also connected to our internal knowledge base ( If we put a question mark in front our our questions then Notion is queried to answer even better.

The upcoming days/weeks we are going to enhance if even further, keep posted to see how me streamline everything at

16/03/2023 - Our HR manager

Previously we introduced slackGTP and from now on this also works for the HR department. The HR employees surely get a lot of questions related to vacation days, sick days, or remuneration. Why bother them if AI can help both parties save time?

Just ask it anything related to vacation days or remuneration. Start your question with ?HR and is queried under the hood!

We did this with the help of, the tooling we use for HR.

20/03/2023 - Developer friend

The coding capabilitities of chatGPT have been a good companion since launch. Our developers have been using it to ship faster and more, it really improves our developer velocity.

We are already using slackGPT for asking the same developer questions we ask to chatGPT but we go further: since today we have linked it with our github.

We can now ask questions like: how many open PR's are there which uses the api?

The idea is to code faster and make it possible for new hires to onboard faster

Let's 10x this team!

Already looking what's

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