November 7, 2022

Automate ticket tagging with AI

Wouter Janssen
CEO & Co-Founder

Using text classifiers you can easily tag every incoming ticket by language, topic, sentiment, nps etc...

We first explain text classification, and the connection with customer support.

We then discuss if you actually need such a system? How does it work and look like and how do you get started with it.

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Text classification what?

Text classification or Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of AI that works on text. It learns, based on human like text, and classifies it according to a certain tag.

An example is on the following text:

Hey, the past few days I had an issue with my car. yesterday It totally broke down and I would like to use my omnium to get inbetween the costs.

This text can be classified according to a few topics. Based on language we would have "English". Based on topic we would have something like "Insurance" or "damage claim" if we go more specific. Sentiment and NPS would be something neutral based.

Connection with Customer support

Text classification is super useful in customer support. Imagine every incoming ticket automatically tagged with language, topic(s) and sentiment. This makes it really easy to monitor which types of issues that come in and makes is possible to automate the ticket dispatching.

You can automatically match every incoming ticket with the person or department internally that is best fitting for this kind of issue.

Automate ticket tagging with AI

Automated ticket tagging with ai is the system that will automatically tag every incoming case. At we make it as plug as play as possible to connect your mailbox or helpdesk system and have every ticket or email tagged.

Our systems learn based on the historic email/ticket traffic and based on this it suggest possible topics that are applicable for your company.

An easy setup later you are ready to go and have every incoming ticket automatically go to the right agent. Allowing your company to free up a lot of time of the customer agents and deliver powerful support.

Something for me?

If your company receives a lot of inbound traffic (emails/tickets) and you already have more than 1 full time customer agent that it really pays of to invest in some automation tools and AI.

We see companies that invest in AI in their customer support system lower their average time to handle and average support cost with up to 50%, a big ROI.

The easiest ways to get started with AI for support is to use a tool (sorry for the plug) like ours, we really strive to make it as easy as possible and want to deliver as much value as possible. Our models are automatically trained and fine tuned for you so we deliver the results of a custom model at the speed of a basic model !

What does it look like?

How it exactly looks like depends on which helpdesk tool that you use, as AI plugs in on these systems.

If often feels just the same as your regular helpdesk system but more fluent. It's smarter and more productive.

In zendesk it would look somewhat like this:

Zendesk with ai added fields: topic, language and sentiment

While in hubspot it looks like

Hubspot with AI added fields: language, sentiment and topic

As you can see a company specific AI has automatically added fields to every incoming ticket. This way companies can automate their dispatching while their customers can have a faster customer service.

These tags can then be used to automatically handle certain tickets while matching more complex tickets with the right person or department.

It also allows them to prioritize the most urgent topics: insurance has a higher priority then invoice.

Nothing to be scared off, Ai can be very friendly and human assitive so why don't give it a try?

How to get started?

Interested in seeing how automated ticket tagging with ai can help you as a company? Find more insights on our blog or schedule a short call with one of our sales engineers. They would love to show you how ai can help you!

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